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Working with a slow computer is frustrating and hampers productivity at the workplace. Not to mention the amount of time wasted due to slow-running PCs for employees. In today’s fast-paced working environment, the need for a fast PC that delivers higher performance is immense to streamline work and surge ahead of competitors. Otherwise, the slow PC will be a major obstacle in completing your project on time and in the best way possible.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your computer run faster at your work. Here are 7 simple tips to enhance the performance of your PC:

  • Avoid running programs automatically

Running of excess programs and applications in the background slow down the computer. Many computers automatically run many apps in the background and use the major parts of the memory in its execution. In this situation, computers slow down while working. So, preventing unnecessary programs from opening is important to get optimized performance. But, you should allow crucial software such as antivirus and updates to run in the background.

  • Uninstall unnecessary programs

The new computers that you purchase from the market come with many unnecessary pre-installed programs. These programs take up space and run in the background. Consequently, the PC is most likely to slow down. Avoid slowdown of your PC by uninstalling programs that are not in use or necessary going to the control panel. Moreover, you can go to a computer repair center to install new software or program that would be necessary for future works.

  • Free hard disk space and repair

Keeping free space on your computer is critical for optimum functionality. The computer having less than 15% of free space is most likely to run slow. Check the amount of free space that your have on the computer. If the device is having less free space, delete old programs, temporary files, and save old pictures to the cloud or external drive. By taking these actions, much space will be freed and computer will run smoothly. 

If your computer’s memory isn’t full but PC is running slowly, it is a high time to get disk cleanup or repair service from certified technicians. Our technicians offering computer repair in Orlando will clean up cookies, caches and unnecessary system files by deleting them permanently. These files use hard disk space and slow down the computer further.

  • Upgrade and install latest software

The software and windows operating system need constant update to run the computer smoothly. The old versions of software and Operating System often create problem due to incompatibility and bugs that require repairing immediately. Make sure to upgrade and install latest software to enjoy seamless working experience on your PC. For instance, adding more RAM is an important step towards enhancing performance of your PC. 

  • Install antivirus software

Accessing the internet without antivirus, spyware scanner and anti-malware is not wise. Install antivirus software to protect the PCs from various online attack where hackers try to steal information by infecting computers with malware. Our Orlando computer repair technicians can install antivirus software and malware removal services.

Slow computer can waste a lot of precious time and hamper work schedules. But, it doesn’t mean that you should buy a new computer. The best way to optimize performance of your PC is to take it to experienced technician for repairing services. Moreover, you should follow these tips to make your computer fast while working on projects. For computer repair services, contact Code Black IT team for fast services now.

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