Buying a laptop is a little more complex than buying a tower. With a laptop, you do not have any room, in many cases, to upgrade after the purchase. The machine you buy today, is the machine you will have tomorrow.

Another tip I forgot to mention on the air, is buy the system using a “double warranty” credit card.  That way, you get the extra year for free, through the credit card company. Ive used this many times.  In addition, if you have Directv, they have a plan for $25/mo that covers all your electronics, even from accidents (broken screens etc..). Ive used that warranty before as well.

Here are a few guidelines for what I would buy in certain situations:

Young Kid, Elementary School:
Chromebook – Good Deal

The reason I say this, is because it has the capability of email, internet and word processing. It is inexpensive and getting a virus on it, not probable. It can play some games online, not to the best quality, but it is possible. It also has the capability of Word, Excel and Office.

High School / College:
Laptop – Core i5 or AMD, 8GB RAM and SSD (256GB or Higher), Integrated Graphics
Good Deal

Of course, with this area, I would suggest a higher caliber laptop, but I don’t think you need a strong graphics card. This will be good for multi-tasking, and Office products that would be needed. I know I said, I don’t specifically like Acer, since its cheaper, but this is a good deal with a decent sized SSD.  With everything, there is good and bad, and I would take a chance on this one.

Gaming or Autocad/Photoshop/Vid Edit:
Laptop – Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD (M.2 SSD Better) and Good Graphics Card.
Good Deal

With these laptops, you need strong specs to run the video. It requires a “separate” GPU (Graphics Processor) to handle that side of things. You literally could go nuts with these and spend upwards to $3000 on a machine.  I suggested a modest, sensible laptop.

Another place to look for outstanding deals is SlickDeals. They have a great site for existing system deals.


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