Cleaning your laptop fan can be done quickly and easily. One of the biggest causes of failure in laptops is heat. Without the fan working at it s optimal performance, heat builds up and destroys vital parts of the laptop. The most susceptible component is the hard drive, where all your files and operating system is stored.

Simply by buying a can of compressed air, you can blow a high pressure stream of air into the heat sync and fan area to remove built up dust and debris.  This dust adheres to the small fins in the laptop heat sync and reduces air flow out of the laptop. That super heated air is retained in the body of the laptop and increases the temperature to an alarming rate.

This should be done once a week or more, depending on the environment. If your a smoker, keep diligent on this, as the tar in the air coats the fan, causing dust to stick to the fan.  If you let it go, even the compressed air cannot remove the dust and it continues to build up.

Another symptom to look out for is a noisy fan. This symptom is a tell tale sign that the fan is not working at optimum performance. If the fan fails completely, your processor will overheat and can eventually lead to the whole laptop failing.

Although the name “laptop” would indicate that the computer can be used on the lap, this can cause heat buildup as well. The intake for air in many of today’s laptops is on the bottom, so when its placed on the lap, this intake is blocked. Be sure that the air vents, both in and out remain clear.  Placing a laptop on a bed, blanket or pillow is also a bad idea. This “softness” molds to the laptop and causes all the vents to become blocked. This doesn’t allow air to flow as designed and will cause irreversible damage.

At Laptops Plus, we can do a complete cleaning, by disassembling the laptop and cleaning the entire inner part of the laptop or desktop. In addition, if you hear a noise coming from inside the laptop, this should be cause for concern. Bring your laptop to Laptops Plus for a fast, friendly diagnosis.


Best PC & Mac Computer Laptop Repair Service In Orlando CodeBlackIT

Best PC & Mac Computer Laptop Repair Service In Orlando CodeBlackIT

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