Remove Viruses with Free Malware Removal Tools:
The first thing to try is a System Restore. This simply puts the computer back to the way it was before the infection. You do not lose any data, so its worth giving it a shot, since its quick and easy. Simply go to START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES -> SYSTEM TOOLS -> SYSTEM RESTORE. Then follow the prompts. Simply select a time in the recent past and continue. Once done, check to see if the infection has been eliminated.
If that idea fails, its time to start using some free malware removal tools and programs to rid the computer of the infection.
Hitman Pro
Start by using Hitman Pro ( This program has a 30 day trial period, so you can basically use it once for free. This trial is not valid on systems that are in a work network, so you may want to start with the next program and end with this. This is one of the best programs for removing malware though, so its worth paying for.
Malware Bytes
This program ( is also free for personal use and will work for removing malware after your computer has been infected. It also has a “real time monitoring” for future infections for a small fee.
This is another program you should try ( as its free and will clean the system. Its typically fast and anything it finds is bad and can be deleted.
Junkware Removal Tool
Another free program that scans for malware and viruses ( Used with the other programs above, this is another layer of checking to ensure the infection is removed.
Some malware and viruses are “attached” to legitimate programs that you have downloaded. These programs, since they are real, will not be removed from your computer by the free malware removal tools. You would need to look in START->CONTROL PANEL->PROGRAMS AND FEATURES and sort by installation date. Chances are, if the infection just occurred you will see the problematic program listed at the top. Toolbars are notorious for causing mayhem, so try to remove any you see.
Malware and viruses attack computers everyday through email and websites. Its good etiquette to limit random clicking in websites and do not open attachments in email you dont recognize.
Many times, it just takes a few free programs to eradicate the infection. By using the suggested free malware removal programs above, you have a good chance of solving the problem yourself and saving a trip to the repair shop.
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