People Search Directories and Removal Options:



Find yourself and Opt-Out here:


You can find the instructions to remove your listing here:


Send a message and select Opt-Out to Customer Service Here:


Opt-Out Form can be found here:


Opt-Out Here:


Fill out the Information Suppression form for public facing information at and submit.


Fill out Acxiom’s opt-out form, which requires your name, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses to match you to your profile.


Search for your listing on BeenVerified’s opt-out page and provide your email address. You’ll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.

Submit a request for removal through the site’s contact form. You will be required to provide proof of identity by providing a government-issued ID.


Search for your listing from the FastPeopleSearch record removal page and request that they remove your information.


Fill out its opt-out form, which requires your first name, last name city, state and zip code plus either your address or phone number.


Search for your listing on MyLife and claim your name. You can change the data on your public profile, but you can’t delete it without subscribing to the MyLife service, which costs $10 per month.


Search for your listing on PeekYou and note the number at the end of the URL. Then go to PeekYou’s opt-out page and enter your name, email address and the number from your profile URL to be removed.


Fax (425-974-6194) or mail (P.O. Box 4145, Bellevue, WA 98009-4145) a removal request to PeopleLookup. Include a copy of a government-issued ID and your name, date of birth and address. See full details about how the site handles blocking requests.


Search for your listing on PeopleSmart’s Manage Your Public Records page. Then enter your email address; you’ll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.

Peoplefinders and Public Records Now

Search for your listing on Peoplefinders’ opt-out page. All you have to do is click a few confirmation links (and ignore any offers trying to sell you information) to get rid of your information.

While the site name specifies Peoplefinders, this process also opts you out of Public Records Now, which is owned by the same company.


Mail in the site’s opt-out form (it’s a PDF), which asks for your name, data of birth, aliases and addresses going back 20 years.


Search for your listing on Radaris, then click the arrow next to the “Background Check & Contact Info” button on the right side of the page and select Control Information from the drop-down. You’ll need to create an account (you need to provide is your email address and cellphone number to verify your account. Click on View My Account and you can make your account private or delete your information.


Search for your listing on Spokeo, then copy and paste the listing URL and your email address into Spokeo’s opt-out form. You’ll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.

If you have multiple listings, repeat the process for each one.

USA People Search

Search for your listing on USA People Search’s opt-out page and select your listing. Click a few confirmation links to get rid of your info.

US Search

Search for your listing on US Search’s opt-out page, then print the profile page you find. You have to fax or mail it to US Search along with a copy of a state-issued ID card or drivers license (you can black out your driver license number).


Search for your profile on Whitepages, select your profile and then copy the URL of your profile page. Then go to the Opt-out of Whitpages page and paste in your URL and select Remove Me. You will get a call with a verification code to complete the process.

Instant Checkmate

Opt-Out Form can be found here:


If you prefer that a certain link will not be shown on you should act to remove the page from the source website (you can see the details of the source website next to each result item); once the data is removed from the source, a link should no longer appear in our results page. The page for checking is here:

They also have a Whitepages+ that you can remove yourself from here:


Fax (425-974-6194) or mail a removal request to ZabaSearch. You’ll have to include a copy of a government-issued ID. See full details about how the site handles blocking requests.


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